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Organic Based Nutrition: Uncle Bob’s Rootism, Soil Pharm & Wizzard

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Introducing our latest Nutrition Range_Part 1:ORGANIC BASED NUTRITION:

 # Uncle Bob’s Rootism_1L

– R 240

– Is a liquid kelp and Amino Acid based Growth stimulant designed to enhance root growth rate, root establishment and general plant growth during seedling phase and transplant.

# Soil Pharm_1L

– R 180

– A water-soluble soil nutrition that contains Amino Acids, Macro and Micronutrients 🧫 and has a high carbon content for activating your soil. Soil Pharm increase microbe concentration and stimulates root and shoot growth. 

# Wizzard_1L

– R 220

– Wizzard 🧙‍♀️ contains all the essential macro and micronutrients 🧪 for you plant to thrive. Nutrients in its natural form are immediately available to plants. Wizzard can be applied throughout the full growing season for strength  and vigour ofplants.

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