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Salt Based Nutrition: Budonomics, Leafy Monsoon & Young Guns

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Introducing our latest Nutrition Range_Part 2:SALT BASED NUTRITION:🧂
️# Budonomics_1L

– R 190

– A water-soluble gel fertilizer specifically designed for fertigation during flowering  phase or to correct ☑️ (P) and (K) deficiencies.

️# Leafy Monsoon_1L

– R 190

– A water-soluble gel fertilizer with chelated micro-elements 🦠, Amino acids and polyamines specifically designed for foliar feeding and fertigation to promote shoot growth during vegetative  growth phase.

️# Young Guns_1L 

– R 190- A water-soluble  gel fertilizer with Chelated micro-elements, Cytokines, Amino acids and polyamines 🧬 designed to promote healthy root establishment and young plant  development through foliar feeding or fertigation.

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