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Pure Hemp Unbleached Rolls-4m


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Pure Hemp Rolls Unbleached Rolling Papers

Here you are buying bulk Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp is grown either primarily for its high (textile) quality bast fibre and the residual core material (hurds) or primarily for seed, where the hemp stalk is the residual material. When grown for seed, the whole stalk can still be separated into its components of bast fibre and hurds, but the bast fibre quality is no longer textile quality. There are numerous industrial applications for the whole stalk, however, ranging from interior car panels to super fine cigarette paper!

Pure Hemp Unbleached rolling papers
Size: 44mmx4000mm

Environmental Benefits of Hemp

•Hemp requires little or no pesticides as it is naturally pest resistant, and when grown in rotation has been known to reduce pests in future crops.
•Hemp requires no herbicides as it is grown densely and naturally
•Hemp’s deep root system is effective in preventing erosion, removing toxins, providing a disease break, and aerating the soil.
•Hemp is a high yield fibre crop. As a result hemp can be used effectively in many applications as an alternative to wood or fossil fuels.

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